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Tasneem`s sessions are easy-going and based on a can-do approach. They release inhibitions. I would recommend Tasneem as a coach and counselor because she has a positive mindset and positive energy, and because she motivates and encourages her clients. Her sessions provide the opportunity and atmosphere to face emotions, to revisit the past and to come to terms with it.
Sabine Ebert

Tasneem is very approachable and connects with people of all back grounds by putting people at ease quickly and effortlessly. As an NLP Master Practitioner and Coach, she has a gift of identifying the root cause of a problem and focusing techniques to address that issue.  I am confident that anyone who has something they would like to change or improve about themselves would find the answer with Tasneem who will assist them in moving forward to positively alter the course of their lives.
Jo Potter
Regional HR Manager
R.M.D. KWIKFORM - Middle East

Tasneem portrays great commitment and willingness to achieve your targets. She is very passionate towards learning and development and she is extremely supportive towards the growth and well being of others.
Ghada Al-Kadi
Senior Trainer
Kuwait Institute of Banking Studies

Tasneem made me think about what REALLY matters whilst leaving the unimportant out. She makes a great analysis of the situation whilst focusing on the overall vision. Her push and guidance makes you work hard to finding solutions. She brings with her great analytical techniques with a spotlight on the larger picture in the future. Her regular follow-up creates a fine balance of giving support and pushing you towards success. I strongly recommend her to any one or any company needing to make a difference in their personal and professional lives.
Juzer Songerwala
Head - Business and Research Development
Centerac, India

The training was very enlightening on many levels... personal and professional. On the personal level it was an eye opening experience that further acknowledged the skills I possess and took my self-esteem even further. On professional level it enhanced my teamwork, business relations skills, managerial and leadership skills and gave me a clear idea on how organizations operate in the industry.

Working with Tasneem and being part of her team was very enjoyable and nourishing at the same time. The multi-level style of the training material and the variety of the training styles she provides were easy to learn from and remain attentive during the sessions. She also is a highly knowledgeable individual who has a wonderful, positive and caring nature. She never failed to give comprehensive one to one sessions. She is great in giving feedback based on facts along with her valuable opinions. I personally developed many of my skills during the time I was a trainee with Tasneem. Since that time, I have moved forward in my career and was given even more serious responsibilities despite my humble experience all because of the self-confidence she helped develop.

What is gained from working with Tasneem is beyond just being a trainee; she values each and every participant in her sessions, and smartly develops each and everyone's strengths working closely with every individual in order help them overcome their weaknesses. She possesses the ability to explain techniques effortlessly and provides examples based on real experience. No one could ask for more!

I am currently assigned to an overseas assignment, away from home, and am literally making use of all the techniques and knowledge that she taught me during my training time with her. I am currently sharing the knowledge and techniques that I learned from her with the team in my current position.

She has the gift of putting your strengths and skills at work to further advance your career. Even though she is now based in the United States she is still there for me and often follows up on my progress as well as my colleagues.

If you are looking for advancing your skills, building a strong base for your career and desire excellence on all levels, then look no further. She takes "Trainees" and simply transforms them into "Leaders."
Shuaib Al Nuaimi
Duty Manager - Washington DC
Etihad Airways - United Arab Emirates

Tasneem is an awesome NLP Trainer and Coach and has helped her clients achieve amazing results in all areas of their life.

By giving 100% commitment and doing whatever it takes, Tasneem uses all of her resources to the very best of her ability.

I feel very privileged to have been involved in her NLP journey of development and highly recommend her skills and abilities.

Only work with her if you want to be successful!
Wendy Shaw
Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy (T) & Hypnosis

Tasneem is an awesome trainer and coach. Her stance, approach, understanding and delivery of the material are MIND-BLOWING. She knows her stuff. She brings in a lot of creativity in her style of delivery as well as her own flavor by providing real life examples which make her training sessions come alive. She also constantly keeps the audience engaged at an unconscious level.

She has great command over language. Her choice of words shake the audience's model of the world, making them take responsibility for their results and bringing them on the cause side of every problem, issue and/or challenge. This creates permanent changes in people and their behaviors; all this only through conversational change!

If I have ever met someone in my life who can WALK THE TALK then Tasneem is one of them. She doesn't only live up to what she says but models it for others. Her training touches people's SOUL. With Tasneem you will resolve your problems and increase your strengths and positive attitude. I would recommend Tasneem to anyone and everyone who wishes positive change in their life.

I wish her all the best in future so that she can keep touching the lives of many people.
Muneer Samnani
Managing Director
Oxygen Management Consultant