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Online Coaching
Online sessions through Skype or email or Yahoo messenger are other ways for you to find help and support. It allows you to talk and share if you are uncomfortable meeting in person or it may just be that your current physical location is not conducive for us to meet.

Why wait when you can talk from home or work in total confidence. Professional online coaching helps you find the support you need in a convenient and practical way.

An onlinesession includes:
  • Total commitment towards your well-being and success
  • 60 minute online appointment
  • Post appointment tasking
  • Follow-up phone call
  • 100% commitment from your end to action and apply what you learn
Each session is tailored to suit your personality and personal history with your goals and objectives in mind. Sessions are normally conducted at regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals based on your individual requirements. This could also be in combination with email correspondence.

Important - Read the fine print
It's secure and private, no one can pick up an extension phoneand listen in and all calls are now encrypted to a very high universal standard with Skype. But you must understand that there is some risk to privacy if you do not use security software and understand the implications of sharing a computer with others. Keeping your PC up to date regarding the software you use and the anti-virus and firewall security is important. You are responsible for securing your equipment and we will talk about this and look at any difficulties that you might face in the first online session.

You must also understand that online communications are reliant on software and hardware and this can lead to an abrupt end to a session, this will never be because your coach has ended the call but you need to remember that although this is very uncommon it is possible and must be understood that it is beyond any control that the practitioner has.