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Tasneem is a writer and speaker, continually looking forward to opportunities which allow her to empower people across different walks of life. Well-being institutions like spas, resorts, senior living homes and/or private companies as well as corporate organizations can contact her as a keynote guest speaker.

Tasneem stands out immediately and her speech stands out even more because of her easy style of delivery coupled with her instant rapport with the audience. Any type of audience that is looking to shift its thinking or motor their self-motivation will benefit from her expertise. Her presentations are insightful as the things one learns help not only in business life but also in your personal life and relationships.

Her seminars and workshops are impactful, interactive, engaging and easy to learn from. She is reputed to inspire and motivate people and has been a repeat invitee at many corporate learning and development programs and workshops. She can modify the content to be appropriately concise or detailed, depending on the requirement of the event.

Professional fees disclosed upon request and will be subject to audience size and location.
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