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Fundamentally NLP

NLP Certification
The program is designed to make your life fulfilling by imparting you the knowledge and skills to achieve your true potential.

Many people who have attended an NLP program say that their life has become richer, more rewarding and more fulfilling as a result of applying what they have learnt. What would you do with your new skills? Whatever you're thinking of, right now, will seem easy once you have the skills gained from attending this program.

Equipped with a range of tools and techniques to guide you on your journey of life, this program will leave you with the power to craft your own life designs. People from all walks of life have achieved greater success and found their harmonic balance in the wheel of life as a result of practicing NLP in their everyday lives.
Program Curriculum
The Pillars of NLP - what it is and what it does
  • Beliefs of excellence that will change the way you experience and interact with those around you
  • A simple model of communication that will enable you to always get your message across with friends, colleagues & associates
  • Understanding yourself and others better

Well-Formed Outcomes - achieving the results you want
  • How to set goals - both personal & business - so that you can achieve them and live the life you want & deserve
  • Ask clear questions that guide and enable others to get clear about their objectives

Rapport - unlock the door to persuasion and influence
  • Quickly get on someone's wavelength
  • Discover the real secrets to body language by match and mirroring physiology so that people unconsciously identify with you
  • Improved negotiation skills whether you are in business or communicating with your children

Language Patterns - learn how changing language can change thoughts
  • Learn to recognize and use powerful language patterns
  • Ask questions that get you the information you need and to get to the root of the problem
  • Learn to predict behavior based on another person's language and influence behavior based on the language you use

Representational systems - how we use our 5 senses
  • Discover how we see, hear, and feel the world
  • Read another's eye movements to discover how they are thinking

Reframing - earning the power of saying it differently
  • Learn to experience life from a positive perspective - whatever situation arises

Putting it all together - Practice! Practice! Practice!
  • Utilizing and applying the tools and techniques to ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE!

Program Details
How will the program be delivered?

Since it's an accelerated program you will be provided with a resource pack on attending the program.

The aim of the program is to apply the NLP skills and thinking to everyday situations in self and team management, such as meetings, coaching, presentations, negotiations, self and team management.

The style of the program is informal, highly interactive, and FUN!!!

Register Now
To register for the Fundamentally NLP Program, all you need to do is fill out the application form in its entirety.
You will receive a response within 24 hours. Should you fail to receive a response within 24 hours, kindly email at the following address

Professional fees disclosed upon request.

Please note that reschedules made five days before the training date and time will incur a charge of $20.

Any cancellations made are non-refundable.