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Board Break
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Board Break

Board Break
Dare to break through your barriers and make your own path!

Do you feel like something is holding you back from being, doing or having whatever you really want in your life?

Breakthrough all of your limiting beliefs and shape your future with compelling outcomes.
What is board breaking?
It's the practice of shattering a 1 inch thick wood with only your bare hands!!!

The Board Break is an action metaphor for breaking through limiting beliefs and power forward to new, inspiring realities. Using modeling techniques, you will learn quickly to turn challenges into opportunities and condition your mind with positive expectations.

It is an action packed event perfect to create the required impact to alter the way you approach new challenges and opportunities. Before we can do the things necessary to reach our goals, we must push through procrastination, apathy, fear and doubt. The board break is therefore a great way to practice focus, concentration, power, speed, precision and determination to do what needs to be done without fear. The workshop provides the challenges and techniques to break the chains of your limiting beliefs and achieve the seemingly impossible.

Learn to overcome self-sabotage and how to condition your mind and emotions with positive expectations!

The breakthrough workshop provides the challenges and techniques to achieve the seemingly impossible.