Life Coaching One – on – One Session with Tasneem

It is the great option for the customers that they can avail the benefits of Tasneem who is an experienced consultant in the field of training and development. She is also one of the best trainers along with certified coach that has helped an individual in every field. She is having an experience of many years and still today they are helping the customers in the field of  life coaching’s along with personal coaching’s and corporate coaching’s. Apart from that she will be helping the customers in the development of leadership skills along with the performance and communication field.

Tasneem helps the person by mentioning their goals and then with the help of latest tools and techniques she is working along with person to achieve the goals and objectives in the best manner. There are different kinds of services provided to the customers where they can easily learn the basic skills along with knowledge in the particular field. Customers will come across with life coaching’s where coach will be giving some tips along with advice to the person so that they can increase themselves in the related field.

 Coaching’s with Tasneem

Personal coaching- Personal coaching is the special type of coaching which is provided by the coach to person as how they can achieve their goals and results in proper manner. Some of the best part of Personal coaching is that the coach will commit success and well beings for the person by adopting various tools along with techniques. Person is allowed to take some special task and after that it is described briefly to the person as what they have learnt during their sessions.

Online coaching- Person will also come across with online coaching’s which gives the opportunity to the person to take their classes according to their comfortable mode. Some of the best mode in online sessions will include Skype along with Yahoo messenger which will help and support the person to take their sessions easily. Apart from that, if customers are facing any kind of problem in their sessions that they are having the full right to stop the sessions and go for the other one.

Executive coaching-This type of coaching are provided to the customers along with individuals who are working in the organization. Tasneem will be giving some ideas along with tips that will build the strong foundation within the group and everyone will be working in the best manner to achieve the organization goals.

Breakthrough coaching- This type of coaching are provided to such people who think that they are nothing and can’t do anything in his life. These types of coaching are provided to such people who are fed with their life and faced negative emotions and behaviours from everybody. Tasneem will provide some extra tips along with advice that will remove the problems from their life. Person will also increase the confidence by taking some extra sessions with them.


If customers want to avail the services of the Tasneem then they may visit the site to get the entire information.

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