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Life Coaching MYTH No.1- Going to a life coach means I am weak.

It is usually true, that most individuals who practice life coaching started out needing it themselves. I vouch for this to be a fact. My journey in the world of self-improvement began years ago purely based on necessity. I didn’t stumble upon it, wasn’t introduced to itby eager friends over a breezy afternoon, there was no bolt of lightning that struck me in a dream and told me this is what I am meant to do. No! There was no such magical initiation.

I was going through a rough phase in life; it was as if I had lost control of how I chose to live. I was remote controlled by my circumstances, lonely, low and lost in the maze of life…

Mental health challenges affect millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, misconceptions about therapy often discourage people from seeking help. They also contribute to the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and prevent people from learning more about or utilizing the services of trained professionals.Many people have a perception of therapists and life coaches that doesn’t quite match up to reality. If you think it means lying on a couch with a box of tissues and paying top dollar to talk to someone who doesn’t quite get it, or that it’s like the reality TV shows where you are openly and publicly blamed and shamed as the host confronts you, please think again.

Life Coaching is not so. In order to expose the facts and spread awareness we will be addressing some of the most common myths over a series of articles based on debunking the misconceptions surrounding Life Coaching. The truth will set you free.

MYTH:Going to a life coach means I am weak, (less of a man/woman) mentally ill or crazy.

FACT:Asking for help is not a weakness.

Think of these other scenarios. Are people “weak” when they pay for tuition classes to improve academically? What about when they are sick, maybe with a cough of a cold? Are they weak to see the GP? It is not a weakness to recognize that certain areas of our well-being are less than and we need professional help.

Researchers continue to find new links emphasizing the value of taking equal, if not more, care of mental health to ensure good physical health. This is often referred to as the mind-body health connection.

Emotional challenges can show up as physical symptoms. When we are physically unwell over prolonged periods of time, we may also develop emotional issues. Sadly, having emotional or cognitive concerns is often seen as a moral failing or character flaw.

Men are especially stereotyped, making it harder for them to seek help. Men don’t cry. Men don’t talk about feelings. Men need to have it all figured out.


Seeking help for your problems means you are taking action and being responsible. It is gender-neutral. Asking for help requires more courage than remaining passively stuck. Getting help is actually a sign of resourcefulness and strength.

Many people who seek life coaches are “normal” people, people like you and me, suffering from very “normal” everyday life stressors. We all face difficult times, anxiety, and even depression at some point or another. People go to therapy to cope with school, careers, relationships, disorders, stress, and grief or just to figure out who they are and learn to live the life they desire, to live life to the fullest. Sometimes people see coaches to seek an outside perspective of a difficult situation.

Consider this – if personal life coaching did not help better lives significantly, why would top athletes, successful executives, and celebrities have coaches, mentors, and other such professionals? Bottom line is that there is no shame in wanting a better life.

So one day, there I was, reluctantly attending a family get-together. As everyone enthusiastically smiled for the camera, I barely managed a feeble smile. A week later, when a copy of the group photo was mailed to us, I sat there looking at the person in the picture. I was stunned. Is that really me? I could not recognize who I had become. It was then that a small voice in my head said, “You are everything you choose to be.”

I chose that day to salvage myself and reclaim my life. And I did! I learned and tried every new theory, therapy, and home remedy suggested to me. Committed to the journey of self-discovery and improvement, I left no stone unturned.

Today, I am here simply asking you this – are YOU everything YOU choose to be?

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What?!Life Coaching?!?Certainly not for me.

If you are one of those ardent critiques of the new age of holistic health and well-being, then you will be undeniably surprised to know that ‘life coaching’ is the new wellness mantra! My best friend Susan quit her job and started her own business, Leila got over her failed relationship and was looking forward to finding love again, Steven overcame his phobia for creepy crawly insects, George started exceeding his sales targets and Mariam was able to get rid of her addiction to cola. These are just a few of the people who have tried and tested different genres of therapy and coaching only to successfully manage change in their lives.


The dictionary defines a life coach as: an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems. Ref:

In that sense then,life coaching today is much more than being limited to the traditional conceptof it being associated with a ‘treatment’ of some kind or ‘psychotherapy.’Life coaching today falls under a wide spectrum of any practice that acts as an educative and motivational tool in promoting one’s overall well-being by driving positive change.

Professional coaches today use a variety of tools and techniques helping individuals overpower challenges, achieve goals, thereby facilitating a process to lead a prosperous, balanced and healthy lifestyle, one which we all wish and want. Most coaches use a combination of different techniques to optimize maximum results and ensure success. You do have a financial obligation, however the investment you make in yourself aids commitment and has long term benefits; in the bigger picture it’s a small price to pay.

However those of you who are still skeptical of whether you should or should not, whether you can afford to or not, whether it really works or not, whether it’s best for you or not?! Whatever your reasons are here are 3’Do it yourself’ techniques which you can use in order to help deal and defeat common problems.

  • When you feel sad, low and unhappy or down: Do the opposite. If you’re feeling down literally look up. When we are feeling sad or low we tend to look internally; as a result you unconsciously look down which only makes you feel worse. E.g. dropped head when one is crying.  The next time you are feeling unhappy; look up and notice the immediate difference to your mood/outlook.
  • When you feel stressed, overwhelmed, out of options, possibilities and/or for universal well-being: Reframe! Reframe! Reframe! Axe out negative phrases and statements from your everyday life. Stop and rephrase them with a positive spin on the words you use out aloud or even when in internal dialogue with yourself. Our thoughts determine our reality. When we stop thinking about what we don’t want or can’t do and begin thinking about what we do want and can do; our day/life begins to transform.Instead of working against our desires and intentions, we move into alignment with them.For e.g.: “I am a bad person; I have such an ugly past” to “I am such a wise person; I have learnt so much from my past.”
  • When you feel nervous, anxious, tense or edgy: Focus/stare at a particular point on the ceiling, directly up and above from where you are standing. Whilst staring at a fixed point inhale deeply and exhale fully, minimum of three times to feel instantly calmer, relaxed and more in control of the incident/event.

These are quick tips and if used repeatedly, in time will become an unconscious habit leaving you feeling energized, confident and in control. You may find that you resonate with some more than the others and that is only natural. One of the advantages of the existing and newly emerging forms of therapyisthe vastreservoir of techniques to choose from. Seek and select that which is supportive towards your growth and assists you in moving forward to positively alter the course of your life.

The question then could be; what kind of life coaching best suits me?! And the answer largely lies in; which life coach works best for you!

Tasneem Kagalwala is a US based Certified Master NLP Life Coach and NLP Trainer based out of Dallas, Texas.Personal Soul-utions is a company founded and managed by Tasneem which provides tools, techniques and processes to those who wish to overcome their personal and professional challenges in order to achieve their ideal life. She works with all age groups and offers personal coaching and online life coaching, empowering individuals to successfully realize their goals.

Personal Soul-utions also specializes in providing NLP based corporate training solutions (which involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, attitudes, behavior, beliefs and values) for all your business objectives targeting complete synergy between the individual, team and the organization.

Want to know more? You are welcome to contact Tasneem now for a 30 min face to face or online DISCOVERY SESSION absolutely FREE.

A brief about NLP Coaching and Training

It has been proved that many people do not use their mind powers properly which result in failures and other problems. The neuro- linguistic programming is mainly designed for self development process that helps to excel in various fields. This program provides methods for bringing out the best qualities of a person to achieve success in life. Nowadays, it is conducted by individual experts and companies to study the human behavior patterns. NLP is also used for treating phobias, trauma, addiction, physical issues and psychological problems to gain major benefits. In addition, this technique makes it possible to build the positive characters to experience desired outcomes. NLP coaching paves ways for enhancing the overall well being of people with different types of applications.

Neuro linguistic training primarily aims in mastering the sub- conscious mind to break various barriers in life or business. Anyone who wants to develop their decision making, positive attitude and other skills can seek support from experienced NLP practitioner to witness major changes. Furthermore, one can be able to handle difficult situations with NLP by meeting exact needs. Another thing is that it plays a key role in controlling the emotional levels to build relationships with others. NLP training is a suitable one for improving self- confidence, self- esteem and other qualities to become a better person. Additionally, it gives ways for motivating oneself to overcome hurdles in an effective manner. Business people will be able to earn more profits with this program to reach high levels in the markets.

There are several sources which are available today to know the details of NLP coaching program which creates opportunities for getting best results. NLP companies organize seminars and workshops to eliminate negative thinking and giving up bad habits such as smoking, drinking, etc. Those who have undergone the program can see the progress levels in quick turnaround time. Some even provide guidelines to pass the exams conducted by certain government authorities. It is possible to influence others with NLP practitioner to accomplish dreams in life and other fields. With NLP, one can be able to understand his/her own potentials to live a wealthy and happy life. The program is ideal one for focusing more on time management, stress management and planning management to a greater extent.

At the same time, it is an imperative one to make a research on NLP training programs to identify a right one. NLP coaching also involves meditation, hypnotherapy and other procedures to lead others. Moreover, it helps for augmenting communication and language skills to get best results. Another advantage is that it gives ways for studying the mind of a person to minimize unnecessary problems. Students can score good marks in the exams with NLP training courses. Reviews and testimonials of these courses are extremely useful for getting ideas in an easy manner. Online coaching is offered for people who want to obtain a certification without any difficulties. NLP program provides methods for increasing the productivity levels in an organization to earn high revenues.