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Looking for a Life Coach? Look for Tasneem Kagalwalla

Tasneem Kagalwalla is a US-based Life Certified Master NLP Life Coach and Trainer. Her journey into the world of self- empowerment and therapy began at an early age, based on personal necessity which required a strong commitment to self-awareness and development. Today it is her ambition to provide tools, techniques, and processes to those who wish to overcome their personal and professional challenges.

With vast corporate and personal development experience, Tasneem’s training programs combine cutting edge techniques and relevant and creative content to address both the conscious and unconscious mind. Through her programs, participants return to their lives and business with skills that significantly enhance their value to the organization and help create huge shifts in their personal well-being.

She works with all age groups and conducts private and online coaching, empowering individuals to successfully realize their goals. She also assists individuals with overcoming phobias and obesity as well as addictions such as alcohol or smoking.

She is specifically adept in working within a multi-cultural environment and specializes in relationship coaching. In her work, coaching and training individuals, across India and USA, Tasneem helps others become aware of self-limiting behaviors and attitudes, create a more positive self-image, explore the myths and beliefs that are undermining their effectiveness. In the process developing long term behaviors and strategies that augment phenomenal success, fulfillment and overall wellbeing.

She strongly believes that you are everything you choose to be!

Life Coaching – For a Healthy and Successful Lifestyle

There are many aspects of our life in which we aspire to be successful and often in one area or the other we experience (repeated) failure.

  • Are you realizing your true potential?
  • Are you happy and satisfied with your personal and professional life?
  • Do you want to achieve more and be successful?

Is there an area of your life that could be better? If the answer is yes, you need a coach.

Often problems and circumstancesmake us feel vulnerable and weak, we lose hope of moving forward in life. To achieve your ideal lifestyle working with a life coach has proven to be an effective solution.

So what is personal coaching?Theprocess is considerably different from others types of learning.

Personal Coaching: Life Coaching helps you to clarify life purpose, goals, alignment of self, relationship problems and motivation. We focus on discovering the structure of what prevents you and assists you in achieving your goals.  By discovering and understanding your intrinsic abilities we coach you to utilize your own capabilities, current strategies, and values to bring out the best in you. Your coach customizes each session to suit your own personality leaving the responsibility for action in your hands. The sessions are conducted face to face or via Skype.

Executive Coaching: Successful businesses and organizations are dependent on having the right people in the right jobs. Individual skills are important as is overall team performance. Teams like individuals have group goals and targets. At times individuals may feel overwhelmed with the fast work pace and may lose their focus… and/or feel their never ending workload is taking over their life.

Executive coaching looks at providing powerful, alternative choices as a way to make things happen at all levels within an organization. We help teams achieve professional excellence by improving performance and potential. The benefits manifest, creating balance in all areas of the individual’s life which is great for the business as a whole too. This could be 1:2:1 or as a group.


Breakthrough Coaching: Breakthrough Coaching allows you to open up all areas of your life, release any stuck energy and shine in ways you always secretly dreamed you would. This results in a new transformed you. Amaze everyone with your new positive approach and enthusiasm for life. Unblock that worry, that uncertainty, and tap into the confidence, joy and abundance that really are yours for the taking.


Online Coaching:

Online sessions through Skype or email are other ways for you to find help and support. It allows you to talk and share if you are uncomfortable meeting in person or it may just be that your current physical location is not conducive for us to meet. Why wait when you can talk from home or work in total confidence. Professional online coaching helps you find the support you need in a convenient and practical way. Each session is tailored to suit your personality and personal history with your goals and objectives in mind.


Tasneem Kagalwalla offers personal coaching, executivecoaching and breakthrough coaching as well as online coaching.

Tasneem also offers coaching training programs. If you are looking to become a qualified and effective coach or to consolidate your coaching skills; this is the course for you. The coaching methods in the program enable you to use your existing skills within an effective and successful coaching model so you can empower your clients in achieving consistent results. Her programs enable you to put your existing skills to purposeful use as a coach allowing you to scale new heights in achieving greater success for your clients and you.

A successful and well balanced lifestyle awaits you.