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Life Coaching / TherapyMyth 5 – How do I find the right one for me?



Once you have successfully unveiled the truth from all myths surrounding personal coaching and therapy it will lead you to the quintessential question of how do I find the right life coach/therapist for me?

In this final part of the series I share important tips about picking a  life coach, should you ever find yourself in need of one. Guess what; entering “find life coach” into your google search window results in about 124,000,000 results. There are a lot of coaches and therapists out there, but finding the right one for you is what makes all the difference.

Here are my top 3 tips on finding a life coach/therapist just right for you.

Research – Ask friends, family and use the web

Asking people you trust for recommendations is a great place to start. This could be a friend, family member, colleague or other health professionals. If someone you trust can make a referral, this can act as a pre-screening process. If you have a friend or family member who is a life coach or therapist, they would also be a good person to ask. If none of your friends or family are able to help then shop online. When shopping for life coaches look for individuals who are not selling themselves but rather seem to be trying to tell you about their work and their philosophy of working with clients.

 Reach out – Make a connection

See if the life coach you are interested in offers a free (phone/in person) consultation. This provides an opportunity for you to ask questions and get a general “feel” of the therapist. During this time you can ask important questions about their coaching interventions and treatment philosophy, how they have worked to help others and how they feel they can help you, or any other important questions you may have. Whether over the phone or in person; when you finish you may wish to assess howcomfortable you felt, if you felt the coach was sincere, and if you feel you could be honest without feeling judged or criticized.

Here are some questions that you may ask:

·         What is their training? Where did they go to school? Do they hold a current license to practice? Credentials aren’t everything but when asking this; you just want to make sure that their license is in good standing and their school/training accredited, not a one day workshop.

·         What is their specialty? What is their experience? There are many different schools of thought in coaching and therapy and each practitioner approaches challenges differently based on their training and theoretical orientation. For example, Time Line Therapy® (TLT®) is treatment at an unconscious level and allows a client to surrender negative emotions linked to past experiences and transform their internal programming. While NLP is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy which believes all learning, behavior and change is unconscious. There are many different ways to approach the same issue, and while you may have no idea specifically what style you want or need, make sure that what the coach/therapist is proposing is something that sounds aligned to your personality and needs.

If you are seeing a life coach for a particular issue or goal, look for coaches who have experience in that or similar areas. Share a little about your presenting issue and see how the s/he responds. Experienced coaches explain how they can help, are able to give you a basic “road map,” to their approach and an indication of how you will know when sessions/therapy is finished.

  • If at the end of the consultation you choose to go ahead find out their fee structure and discuss if you need sliding scale or if you are planning on using insurance. If you like everything about them but their professional fees are too high for you, tell them that. Often times, they work out an installment plan or a pay as you go payment structure.

Relationship before resume – Notice how you feel

Don’t be overly focused on finding someone with a long list of accomplishments. Just because a coach/therapist has written several books or has a busy public speaking schedule, it doesn’t mean that they are the right fit for you. Research has found that the most effective ones build strong therapeutic relationships with their clients and have highly developed interpersonal skills including warmth, acceptance, empathy and the ability to accurately identify how a client is feeling. So give more weight to how you feel in the room with the coach/therapist, rather than their mantle of certificates and awards.

In conclusion; finding a life coach and/or therapist should not be a rushed decision. It should take a little bit of time and effort. By remaining open, honest, and willing to receive help, the process andoutcomes can be very productive, beneficial as well as frequently life altering. As Milton Erickson would say; “A Therapist is like the weather; they provide a climate for change.”

Contact Tasneem Kagalwalla for more information on how Life Coaching works best for you.


A brief about NLP Coaching and Training

It has been proved that many people do not use their mind powers properly which result in failures and other problems. The neuro- linguistic programming is mainly designed for self development process that helps to excel in various fields. This program provides methods for bringing out the best qualities of a person to achieve success in life. Nowadays, it is conducted by individual experts and companies to study the human behavior patterns. NLP is also used for treating phobias, trauma, addiction, physical issues and psychological problems to gain major benefits. In addition, this technique makes it possible to build the positive characters to experience desired outcomes. NLP coaching paves ways for enhancing the overall well being of people with different types of applications.

Neuro linguistic training primarily aims in mastering the sub- conscious mind to break various barriers in life or business. Anyone who wants to develop their decision making, positive attitude and other skills can seek support from experienced NLP practitioner to witness major changes. Furthermore, one can be able to handle difficult situations with NLP by meeting exact needs. Another thing is that it plays a key role in controlling the emotional levels to build relationships with others. NLP training is a suitable one for improving self- confidence, self- esteem and other qualities to become a better person. Additionally, it gives ways for motivating oneself to overcome hurdles in an effective manner. Business people will be able to earn more profits with this program to reach high levels in the markets.

There are several sources which are available today to know the details of NLP coaching program which creates opportunities for getting best results. NLP companies organize seminars and workshops to eliminate negative thinking and giving up bad habits such as smoking, drinking, etc. Those who have undergone the program can see the progress levels in quick turnaround time. Some even provide guidelines to pass the exams conducted by certain government authorities. It is possible to influence others with NLP practitioner to accomplish dreams in life and other fields. With NLP, one can be able to understand his/her own potentials to live a wealthy and happy life. The program is ideal one for focusing more on time management, stress management and planning management to a greater extent.

At the same time, it is an imperative one to make a research on NLP training programs to identify a right one. NLP coaching also involves meditation, hypnotherapy and other procedures to lead others. Moreover, it helps for augmenting communication and language skills to get best results. Another advantage is that it gives ways for studying the mind of a person to minimize unnecessary problems. Students can score good marks in the exams with NLP training courses. Reviews and testimonials of these courses are extremely useful for getting ideas in an easy manner. Online coaching is offered for people who want to obtain a certification without any difficulties. NLP program provides methods for increasing the productivity levels in an organization to earn high revenues.

BUSTED!Therapy means I am weak, (less of a man/woman) mentally ill or crazy


It is usually true, that most individuals who practice life coaching and/or therapy work started out needing it themselves. I vouch for this to be a fact. My journey in the world of self-improvement, NLP coaching and therapy began years ago purely based on necessity. I didn’t stumble upon it, wasn’t introduced to itby eager friends over a breezy afternoon, there was no bolt of lightning that struck me in a dream and told me this is what I am meant to do. No! There was no such magical initiation.

I was going through a rough phase in life; it was as if I had lost control of how I chose to live. I was remote controlled by my circumstances, lonely, low and lost in the maze of life…

Mental health challenges affect millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, misconceptions about therapy often discourage people from seeking help. They also contribute to the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and prevent people from learning more about or utilizing the services of trained professionals.Many people have a perception of therapy that doesn’t quite match up to reality. If you think therapy means lying on a couch with a box of tissues and paying top dollar to talk to someone who doesn’t quite get it, or that it’s like the reality TV shows where you are openly and publicly blamed and shamed as the host confronts you, please think again.

Therapy is not so. In order to expose the facts and spread awareness we will be addressing some of the most common myths over a series of articles based on debunking the misconceptions surrounding therapy. The truth will set you free.

MYTH: Therapy means I am weak, (less of a man/woman) mentally ill or crazy.

FACT:Is asking for help weak?

Think of these other scenarios. Are people “weak” when they pay for tuition classes to improve academically? What about when they are sick, maybe with a cough of a cold? Are they weak to see the GP? It is not a weakness to recognize that certain areas of our well-being are less than and we need professional help.

Researchers continue to find new links emphasizing the value of taking equal if not more care of mental health to ensure good physical health, often called the mind-body health connection. Emotional problems can show up as physical symptoms. And when we are physically ill over prolonged periods of time, we may as well develop emotional issues. Sadly, often having emotional or cognitive concerns is seen as a moral failing or character flaw. Not fixing your own problems is viewed as weak, so therapy tends to get stigmatized as a shaky solution. Here especially men are stereo typed. Men don’t cry. Men need to have it all figured out. Men and Therapy?! No way! That’s going against their grain. But it’s just the opposite. Seeking help for your problems (man or woman) means you’re taking action. Asking for help often requires more strength than passively staying stuck. Getting help is actually a sign of resourcefulness.

Most people that seek personal coaching and related therapy are “normal” people, people like you and me, suffering from very “normal,” everyday life stresses, anxiety and depression that we all face at some time or another. People go to therapy to cope with school/college,careers, relationships, disorders, stress, grief, to figure out who they are and learn to live the life they desire, live life to the fullest.And, sometimes people go to therapy to get an outside perspective on a difficult situation.Plus consider this; if therapy did not help significantly better lives, why would top athelethes, famous celebreties and successful executives make time for coaches,mentors and therapists?Today there is a vast pool of resources to choose from. Personal life coaching, business leadership coaching endeavors, time line therapy, hypnotherapy and breakthrough coachingare a few of the options which can be considered based on your personality type and mindset.

Bottom line, there’s no shame in wanting a better life.

And so one day, there I was, forcibly attending a family get-together.Enthusiastically as everybody smiled for a group picture, I reluctantly managed a feeble smile. A week later a copy of the picture was mailed to us. As I sat there looking at the person in the picture, I was stunned. Is that really ME? I couldn’t recognize what I had become. It was then that a small voice in my head said; “You are everything you choose to be.” I chose that day to salvage myself and reclaim my life. And I did! I learned and tried every new theory, therapy and home remedy that I was suggested. Committed to the journey of self-discovery and improvement, I left no stone unturned in this endeavor until today hereI am simplyasking you this;

Are you everything you choose to be?

Advantages of NLP Practitioner Certification

Many people find it hard to reach goals in their life, business, education and other fields owing to various problems. It has been proved that the social, behavior, communication and emotional issues might hamper the growth of a person. Experts say that one can be able to handle all types of problems smoothly with certain types of training programs. Neuro linguistic programming shortly known as NLP is now gaining popularity in different parts of the world due to its several features. This training changes the lifestyle of a person which helps to achieve goals quickly. The program is completely a behavioral technology that involves certain guiding principles to become a successful person. NLP is a personality development program and it helps to increase the skills to excel in respective fields.

In fact, it provides methods for self- analysis process to improve leadership, decision making and problem solving abilities to a greater extent. The NLP training is proved as an efficient one that gives ways for finding practical solutions to problems. It also plays a significant role in improving self confidence, self esteem and other qualities to reach next levels. NLP coaching is offered by leading companies or individuals, who actually help for eliminating negative thoughts and qualities. In fact, it paves ways for understanding oneself to travel in a right path. Another advantage is one can be able to build his/ her behavioral structure to witness major changes. Furthermore, it enhances to overcome psychological fears and disorders to experienced desired outcomes.

Some NLP training programs involve hypnotherapy, time line therapy and meditation techniques which provide ways for controlling mind in an efficient manner. In addition, they help to manage failures and challenges in life by fulfilling the exact needs of a person. Anyone who wants to organize coaching NLP should undergo a certification program which creates opportunities for inviting more people. Apart from that, it gives an idea about how to arrange training programs in proper methods. Having NLP certification will gives the edges for running programs successfully to earn more revenues. At the same time, it is necessary to study about the best institutes that provide excellent coaching to people who want to become a practitioner at affordable fees.

Individuals, business persons and organizations are largely benefited by NLP training programs which ultimately improve progress levels in life. Guidelines for resolving stress, relationship and other life problems are given by NLP practitioner to plan life and work accordingly. The certification courses are a suitable one for understanding the tools, skills and techniques to program neurology of a person. They help to conduct programs anywhere in a location by meeting exact requirements. Complete details about the courses can be gathered from online to become a better NLP practitioner to train people from various walks of life.  NLP course makes feasible ways for motivating others with powerful techniques to get optimum results. NLP course also helps to impart magic balance in life that charges personal and professional life of a person.

Life Coaching One – on – One Session with Tasneem

It is the great option for the customers that they can avail the benefits of Tasneem who is an experienced consultant in the field of training and development. She is also one of the best trainers along with certified coach that has helped an individual in every field. She is having an experience of many years and still today they are helping the customers in the field of  life coaching’s along with personal coaching’s and corporate coaching’s. Apart from that she will be helping the customers in the development of leadership skills along with the performance and communication field.

Tasneem helps the person by mentioning their goals and then with the help of latest tools and techniques she is working along with person to achieve the goals and objectives in the best manner. There are different kinds of services provided to the customers where they can easily learn the basic skills along with knowledge in the particular field. Customers will come across with life coaching’s where coach will be giving some tips along with advice to the person so that they can increase themselves in the related field.

 Coaching’s with Tasneem

Personal coaching- Personal coaching is the special type of coaching which is provided by the coach to person as how they can achieve their goals and results in proper manner. Some of the best part of Personal coaching is that the coach will commit success and well beings for the person by adopting various tools along with techniques. Person is allowed to take some special task and after that it is described briefly to the person as what they have learnt during their sessions.

Online coaching- Person will also come across with online coaching’s which gives the opportunity to the person to take their classes according to their comfortable mode. Some of the best mode in online sessions will include Skype along with Yahoo messenger which will help and support the person to take their sessions easily. Apart from that, if customers are facing any kind of problem in their sessions that they are having the full right to stop the sessions and go for the other one.

Executive coaching-This type of coaching are provided to the customers along with individuals who are working in the organization. Tasneem will be giving some ideas along with tips that will build the strong foundation within the group and everyone will be working in the best manner to achieve the organization goals.

Breakthrough coaching- This type of coaching are provided to such people who think that they are nothing and can’t do anything in his life. These types of coaching are provided to such people who are fed with their life and faced negative emotions and behaviours from everybody. Tasneem will provide some extra tips along with advice that will remove the problems from their life. Person will also increase the confidence by taking some extra sessions with them.


If customers want to avail the services of the Tasneem then they may visit the site to get the entire information.