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About Personal Soul-utions

Personal Soul-utions is a training, coaching, consulting and personal development corporate entity formed, owned, managed and operated by Tasneem Kagalwalla.

Personal Soul-utions focuses on providing human performance solutions for your challenges with a philosophy that you are everything you choose to be.

We specialize in coaching and/or training individuals and teams addressing any personal or professional challenges.

Why Personal Soul-utions?
Our reservoir of techniques
Include interactive skills training, facilitation and utilizing a pool of tools which allow the individual/team to learn and implement change swiftly. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coaching is the foundation of all our training programs.

Our long term partnership approach
We take pride in our working style and approach which builds long lasting relationships. Our determination towards providing practical soul-utions drives us to be continually sensitive and flexible to the specific requirements of an individual/organization.

Our proven track record
We create unique tailor made soul-utions in order to develop people as individuals, professionals and effective teams.Thereby, we create a more positive self-image by developing effective behaviors and strategies that enhance success; help achieve desired outcomes and improve overall wellbeing.

Our team
We believe in empowering you to achieve maximum potential. We are highly trained by the best in the industry and are passionate to partner with you to realize your goals and objectives.

Internal evolutions begin with Personal Soul-utions!