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A relaxed, focused state of concentration.That is the definition. In reality, there is a specific state that the brain enters into when it is receptive to suggestion. It is not an unusual state of mind, and may feel like you are in a trance, or in hypnosis.
So how does it work?
We are constantly hypnotizing ourselves. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, when we reinforce our fears and limitations in our heads or to friends/family.

So, imagine what might happen if you changed the suggestions that you give yourself on a daily basis? What if you could let your mind easily change the way you feel about something you used to be afraid of? Or have more confidence? Or feel calm and relaxed almost instantly. You have the power to make your brain happy or sad, afraid or confident, healthy or sick. It is generally accepted that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy therefore aims to re-program patterns of behavior within the mind, enabling irrational fears, phobias, negative thoughts and suppressed emotions to be overcome enabling you take an active and positive role on making a change in the belief systems buried deep in your unconscious mind.